• IPD patient Receipt

    Patient registered in IPD may have to perform some laboratory tests, so the receipt for these tests could be generated through this window.

  • Register Patient to OPD

    Patient will be registered to OPD, his permanent patient id will be sent to patient’s mobile number.

  • Print Discharge Sheet

    Using this utility, accountant may get information about due payments, tests performed, paid receipts etc.

  • Adding Rooms/ Beds in Hospital

    IPD patients gets allotted bed/ room as per their requirement. These rooms are managed using this utility.

  • Add Medicine Company

    In pharmacy module, while inserting stock, authority need to specify make for particular item. These companies are added using this utility.

  • Medicine Category

    In pharmacy module, we can have different item types as liquid, injection, capsule, tablet, etc.

  • Medicine Purchase Module

    Module to enter purchased stock to system.

  • Medicine Selling Module

    Using this form, operator can make entry of sold medicines & generate receipt for the same.

Hospital ERP

Our Hospital ERP software is the complete ERP solution for Hospitals. It covers billing, customer records, accounting, taxation, laboratory, OPD Management, IPD Management, Pharmacy Management, Laboratory Management modules.

This is the one stop solution for all activities in hospital. We can provide customization support as per customer requirements.


  • Patient record management
  • Accounting
  • Laboratory
  • OPD Management
  • IPD Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Taxation Reports
  • Profit-Loss Accounts
  • Expense Manager

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Patient Record Management

We maintain billing, treatment information of patient registered to OPD/ IPD. This information could be available easily within single click!

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